Separate Accounts

Total Return Strategy

This strategy is a customized solution for investors that are looking for a high yield, low risk alternative to
traditional fixed income products. By focusing on high quality, senior Non-Agency bonds and actively
trading, this strategy seeks to outperform other total return strategies by 2-4% with less credit risk and half
the duration.


  • Aggregating Senior Non-Agency odd lots
  • Accounts can be customized for bank and insurance company needs (low risk-weighting, NAIC rated)
  • Provides the ability for accounts to hold assets on balance sheet and to potentially use for financing purposes
Strategy AUM:$112 million
Target Net Returns:5-7%
Inception Date:November 2017
Minimum Investment:$20 million
Management Fee:1%
Performance Fee:20%
High Water Mark:Yes
Subscription Frequency:Monthly
Liquidity:Quarterly with 60 days notice
Custodian:US Bank