How to Invest

Regan Total Return Income Fund (RCTRX / RCIRX)
  • Both RCTRX and RCIRX funds are available for investing through Fidelity, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Pershing, BNY Mellon, Interactive Brokers, Axos, LPL (SAM, SWM & MWP) and Orion. 
  • You may purchase Investor Class or Institutional Class shares on any business day by wire transfer, by telephone at +1 888-44-REGAN (toll free), through certain financial intermediaries, or by written request via mail. 

Steps to invest:

  1. Complete the appropriate application for your circumstances:
    To purchase shares as an individual, please complete the New Account Application
  2. To purchase shares as an Entity, please complete the Entity Application
    To purchase shares via an IRA, please complete the IRA Application
  3. Email the completed application to (you can either sign and scan or, if you send the application unsigned, we will respond with a DocuSign for you to sign electronically)
  4. Wait for us to provide your account information – if you do not receive this information within one business day, please contact the Transfer Agent at +1 888-44-REGAN
  5. Fund your account

For further assistance, please call either the Transfer Agent at +1 888-44-REGAN (toll free) or the Investment Adviser at +1 214-550-1710.

Open Account by Mail

Please send the completed and signed application to:

Regular Mail:

Regan Capital Mutual Funds
c/o U.S. Bank Global Fund Services
P.O. Box 701
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0701

Overnight Delivery:

Regan Capital Mutual Funds
c/o U.S. Bank Global Fund Services
615 E. Michigan St., FL3
Milwaukee, WI 53202-5207

Wire Instructions

If you are making your initial investment in the Fund, before wiring funds, the Transfer Agent must have a completed account application.

Once your account is established, you may instruct your bank to send the wire. Your bank must include the name of the Fund, your name and your account number so that monies can be correctly applied. Your bank should transmit immediately available funds by wire to:

U.S. Bank National Association
777 East Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
ABA No. 075000022
Credit: U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, LLC
Account No. 112-952-137
Further Credit:  Regan Total Return Income Fund
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